How to Get It

Native Tools
1. Open Powershell ISE on your file server → Navigate to your file share using "cd" command → after that run the following powershell code:
gci -re -in * |
  ?{ -not $_.PSIsContainer } |
  sort Length -descending |
  select -first 25
2. After that you will see the top 25 largest files on your shared drive. Copy and paste this information into "txt" or "doc" file.
Netwrix Auditor
1. Run Netwrix Auditor → Click "Reports" → Navigate to "File Servers" → File Servers State-in-Time → Select "Largest Files" and click view → Enter your share path into "Object UNC Path" → Click "View Report" → Click.
2. "Export button" → PDF → Save as → Save the file to the location you want: